“Prevention is the best medicine” is a popular phrase for a reason. The more protection your pet has against harmful diseases, the healthier they will be. At Orillia Pet Hospital, we know just how important pet preventative care is for animals and their owners. Wellness exams allow us to evaluate and look for changes in your pet’s overall health. Vaccinations increase and maintain your pet’s immunity levels, and parasite preventatives offer an additional layer of protection against parasite-transmitted diseases.

Parasite Prevention

Ticks are proliferating in the area, and they usually start becoming active in temperatures as low as 4 degrees. While they may be tiny, ticks can cause a lot of problems for our pets. They can transmit diseases such as Lyme disease, Ehrlichia and anaplasmosis. If you ever see a tick in your pet’s fur, be sure to remove it right away.

You cannot always prevent ticks from hitching a ride on your pet, especially if your pet spends much of their time outdoors. However, you can keep the ticks at bay by giving your pet a monthly parasite preventative.

Pet Preventative Care in Orillia

Our hospital carries several types of preventative to treat dogs and cats. These include:

  • Advantage Multi – a monthly topical that protects dogs and cats from heartworm, fleas and various intestinal parasites
  • Bravecto – for dogs only; a single dose of Bravecto lasts up to 12 weeks and is highly effective against ticks
  • Profender – for cats only; prevents intestinal parasites with a single dose

If you have any questions about the preventatives we offer and how to use them, we would be happy to help you. Just give us a call at (705) 325-4224.