To provide our patients with the best possible care, Orillia Pet Hospital abides by several core values. These values focus on pets as well as the people who love them. If you have any questions about our values, please don’t hesitant to let us know.


Orillia Pet Hospital is a multidisciplinary team that embraces the ever-changing medical world by keeping astride of new techniques including advanced dentistry, orthopaedic surgery, and endoscopy.

  • Equipment: We believe it’s important to invest in high-quality equipment that allows us to offer leading-edge monitoring of our patients whether they are in surgery, in-clinic, or at home. 
  • Our Team: We invest just as heavily in our team. We fulfill our passion for continuing education by attending conferences throughout the year to ensure we continue to offer the latest, greatest and safest services and products.
  • Solutions: We demonstrate our innovation by offering creative solutions for each pet as no two pets are alike. We also strive to offer you innovative services like our pet mobile, Web store online ordering, and our health plan packages.
  • Innovation at our practice is essential because it helps us deliver the best possible care for our patients and clients. 


At Orillia Pet Hospital, we are committed to many things, including:

  • Quality Care: We are committed to the highest quality of care, demonstrated through our client and patient care and providing an excellent client experience every time.
  • Hospital Reputation: We are committed to the hospital’s reputation and success by fully investing ourselves in our jobs, training, and community.
  • Ourselves: We are committed to ourselves by showing up every day prepared to make a positive impact on our team, patients and clients, further reinforcing our already strong bonds.
Orillia Animal Hospital


The team at Orillia Pet Hospital understands the tremendous level of trust you place in us when you bring your pets in for veterinary care. Whether your pet is visiting us for a wellness exam with vaccines or for a comprehensive surgery under general anesthetic, you trust us to always provide the highest quality of care.

  • How We Deliver Trust: We are able to deliver that trust by first believing in ourselves and in our team. We know that we will offer consistent care and advice based on our enhanced knowledge, skills, and equipment.
  • Why Trust Matters: It is essential to us to foster relationships built on this mutual trust. You can depend on us to be honest with you and to treat your pet as we would our own.


Respect plays a large role at Orillia Pet Hospital. It starts with our own respect for our clinic and our reputation in the community, and it involves:

  • Hospital Atmosphere: We ensure that we offer a friendly, inviting atmosphere, and a well-maintained clinic with state-of-the-art equipment, clean exam rooms, and a sterile surgery suite.
  • Respect for You: We know that all of you have your own story, and we strive to understand every situation by being open and honest and treating everyone with a high level of respect.
  • Respect for Your Pet: We respect your relationship with your pet and honour this by appreciating the emotional and physical wellbeing of each pet. We use gentle handling, calming pheromone products in clinic, and always provide appropriate pain medication.

Creating this environment of respect would not be possible if we didn’t first respect ourselves. Each and every one of us recognizes the high level of compassion, kindliness, and care we provide to the team.


Working at Orillia Pet Hospital isn’t just a “job” for any one of us. We start each day knowing that we have the power to affect every person and every pet that we encounter.

  • Decision Making: Through the innovative equipment we use, to the commitment we have to you and your pet, to the trust and respect that we have for each other, we know that we are empowered to make decisions for ourselves and for the clinic. 
  • Expectations: We are given the opportunity to improve ourselves to exceed not just our expectations, but also your expectations.
  • Empowering You: We also empower you to make the best decision for you and your pet by educating you and helping you at every step of the way. 

Being Happy & Having Fun

We take our work seriously at Orillia Pet Hospital, but we approach every day, every client, and every pet with a happy and positive attitude.

  • Because We Value You and Your Pet: Our mutual love and passion for what we do have created a tight-knit group that we hope extends to include you and your pet.
  • Because We Care: We share in the joy of meeting your new little family member, we keep in touch with you before and after each surgical procedure because we know you’re worried, and we feel your sadness when saying goodbye to a loved one.
  • Because Actions Dictate Atmosphere: We embrace our individual weirdness because we think it keeps the day to day interesting, and it creates a fun environment for your family.