Who doesn’t love spring time? The warmth, the sun, the flowers, the…bugs? Unfortunately, parasites love warm weather just as much as we do! The flea pupae and roundworm eggs that were dormant and lifeless in winter are now hatching and thriving. Worse, once it’s been sufficiently warm for 30 consecutive days, mosquitoes carrying heartworm disease are able to transmit larvae.

At Orillia Pet Hospital, we recommend that all pet owners treat their loved ones with a monthly parasite preventative, such as Advantage Multi, from June through November. Advantage Multi is a topical medication that can prevent a variety of internal and external parasites from biting and/or infecting your four-legged friend. Along with heartworm prevention, this product also functions as a de-wormer and flea preventative—fleas can be killed within 5 minutes, without having to bite your pet!