Thank you for choosing Orillia Pet Hospital, where we’re committed to providing the most exceptional veterinary medicine in the industry. Our Orillia animal hospital has been serving the community since 1978 and has been under our current ownership since 2012. We are proud to have been accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association within our first year in 2013, showing you just how important exceptionally high veterinary standards are to our team.

We also only hire Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVTs) to work with and assist our veterinarians, so we can guarantee that your pet is receiving the best care possible. The experience and compassion of our RVT team members is truly invaluable, and we could not imagine maintaining this hospital without their skills.

Orillia Animal Hospital

How High Are Our Veterinary Standards?

Orillia Pet Hospital is an AAHA accredited animal hospital, which means that we voluntarily have our hospital inspected by the American Animal Hospital Association and pass with flying colors! The American Animal Hospital Association, or AAHA, examines us in 900 different areas, from cleanliness to surgical standards and everything in between. In order to achieve our AAHA accreditation, we must receive passing marks in every area! Only about 15% of Canadian animal hospitals are accredited.

We believe in offering the very best care for your best friend, no matter what!